Because of your generosity and financial support this past year, River Ridge has been able to make an incredible impact in our local community and state, as well as across the globe. Although the deck felt stacked against us this year, YOU were a huge part of our impact in 2020, and we want to make sure you know the ways your financial contribution helped benefit the kingdom.

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At River Ridge Teays Valley, we are excited about the future but we wanted to give you a snapshot of how God has been at work in and through River Ridge this year, and the ways in which your generosity has impacted our local community as well as around the globe. 


We hope this resource provides the chance for you and your family to talk about the incredible role you have as financial contributors to this ministry. 



COVID-19 Response

The challenges that this year has brought aren’t ones that we will quickly forget, but this year has given us opportunities to be the church in new and meaningful ways. 


We were reminded that God’s church is not a structure where we gather, but it is His people keeping in step with Jesus as He leads us in our homes, our communities, and around the world.



As we look back at what God has been doing with our people and this church, we have been more God-dependent with pretty much everything when it comes to the ministry and vision for River Ridge church. He is still drawing people to Him through the ministry He is doing here at River Ridge Church. We are seeing people come to know Jesus, we’re seeing marriages and families getting stronger, we even saw people getting baptized through this whole thing. 


God is changing stories in the middle of all of this and it’s so amazing to see. Here’s one of those stories. 




As we look forward to the holidays and the close of 2020, we celebrate the kids who have made the decision to place their faith in Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and follow him in baptism.


Watching kids get baptized at their homes, public pools or in a river, reminds us that although the RidgeKids ministry looked extremely different this year, the vision was still accomplished. RidgeKids exists to help kids take the next step in their journey with God, and we believe some amazing steps were taken this year.




While the method may have changed significantly in 2020, the mission remains the same… We want students to know God.  And the best way for them to know God is to be known by someone who loves God! 




It's often in difficult circumstances that people come together to help one another in times of need. And we think that rings true for 2020. There wasn't a moment where we allowed our mission to serve and love our community to be stopped.

As we look back on 2020 we can see the many ways that God allowed us as a church to support and serve our local community. We are grateful to be a part of a church family who is always ready to serve and love people, no matter the circumstances. 




With the travel restrictions of 2020, we had to cancel our trips to support our global partners on the ground. But because of your faithful generosity, we were able to continue to support all of our global partners financially.

  1. We distributed a mission surplus of $67,000 to our global partners! 

  2. Relieved financial burdens that 2020 had caused in these areas.

  3. The gospel continues to be made known both in our community and around the globe! 



Dollar Club

Over the past year, we have been able to bless 12 different families and organizations in our local community through the Dollar Club.

You have been a part of giving away a total of $35,687. This amount represents more than just a dollar amount, it represents lives being impacted and changed. 



River Ridge Online

River Ridge Online began as a resource for those who simply could not make it to the campus on a Sunday morning. With the onset of COVID at the beginning of the year, we found ourselves in a unique position to expand the live stream and online experience not only to the local community but to viewers all over the world. 


Our investment in technical resources allowed us to grow into a full Sunday morning experience including live worship, biblical teaching, and kids programming. Our hope is that these online resources continue to reach others for Christ and help to fulfill our mission of helping people take next steps in their journey with God.




Staff Christmas Cards 2020 copy.jpg

The staff team at River Ridge Teays Valley is made up of a talented, diverse group of people who are dedicated to the mission of helping people take their next step in their journey with God. Our Leadership Team consists of:

  • Chad Cobb, Executive Pastor

  • Andy Tuel, Teaching Pastor

  • Blair Hayes, Groups Pastor

  • Jason Hager, Online Campus & Communications Director

  • Karole Hayes, Family Ministry Directory

  • Matt Hildebrand, Student Ministry Director

  • Mary Anne Self, Missions & Outreach Director

Meet the rest of our staff team, visit




Our fiscal year runs from July-June, so it came to an end in a world we never could have imagined.  But your faithful generosity is allowing us to continue to chase after God’s vision for us as a church in this fiscal year.  


Due to the uncertainty surrounding this season, we took several steps to create a more conservative approach to our budget for this fiscal year:

  • Reduced our budget by 10% to reflect the necessary changes in programming

  • Postponed some ministry expansion plans

  • Re-assigned staff to key roles to maximize the ministry during this season and beyond

2020-21 Budget Summary


Program & Minsitry Expenses


Global Partners, Local Outreach
& Church Planting: 


Salary and Benefits:     $911,800

Total Expenses: $1,661,300

Budget Progress Snapshot (thru November 30)

  • YTD Budgeted Need: $672,600

  • YTD Budget Received: $744,100



The Future

We will continue to leave the comfortable to pursue those that are far from God.  And we will continue to rally together to love our neighbors in a big way, whether they are around the corner or across the globe.  


Because Jesus is with us, we believe the best is yet to come.  As we chase after God’s vision to reach out and bring light, life, hope, and love to this region, to our state, and to the entire world.  


Thank you so much for your partnership and for being on this journey together.  What a wild and exciting ride it is in following Jesus.  And we are so grateful to be on this mission with all of you.



What to Expect

Our core values both govern and motivate us in our mission and vision.  As we look into 2021 and beyond, the core values of We Never Stop Growing and An Empty Seat is a Serious thing are front and center in our prayers for the future.


We Never Stop Growing reminds us as individuals and as an organization that God isn’t done with us yet and that He still has plans and purposes for our future.  An Empty Seat is a Serious Thing reminds us that God’s heart beats for the lost and He has invited us, as His people, to be about spreading the Good News of His grace wherever we go.


Those two core values are refining our goals and vision for this upcoming year and beyond.  As our society begins to navigate coming out of the effects of the pandemic and life starts getting back to some sense of normalcy, we will be presented with perhaps the most strategic time in the life of our church, where we need to be ready to invite people back to church or for the first time.  We’re eagerly thinking and planning ways to equip Ridgers with ways to reach their circles this year.


Additionally, as we look a little further down the line, we’re dreaming and asking God for direction and clarity about what it would mean to be a part of a network of churches that are launching new churches in order to reach new people in perhaps new and innovative ways.  We’re praying for clarity and we’re excited about the possibility of reaching this great state of ours for Jesus.     


Whatever the Lord reveals to us in the coming months, we’re anticipating an incredible year ahead of us.


The best is yet to come!